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The Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Turkey has introduced on May 18, 2015, new electronic e procedure for obtaining and prolonging the resident permit for foreigners.

Instruction can be found on the web site of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Turkey:



Visit to RUMELISIAD on 4th of March 2017

      Mr. Markovic paid a visit to Bursa, as a guest of branch of RUMELISIAD. RUMELISIAD is an organization gathering businessmen (similar to chamber of commerce) originating from the Balkans. Main goal of this organization is coordination and contributing to stimulation of business activities of their members, and mainly oriented towards Balkan region. They cooperate with all chambers and relevant ministries in Turkey.

      Following introduction of management of the organization and fields of their activities (from textile and metal industry to sport and various service providing), Mr. Markovic presented achievements of bilateral economic relations (Turkish investments in the Republic of Serbia, opening of Halk Bank and others) as well as all three forms of stimulations offered to foreign investors. Businessmen showed interest in specific modalities, inspired by comprehensiveness of the given information.  

Visit to MARTUR company in Bursa

      Mr. Zoran Markovic, in Bursa on the 3rd of March, had long and comprehensive talks with director of MARTUR and members of the board of directors, Mr. Mufir Karademirler and his associates (directors of development), about potential investments in Serbia. MARTUR is one of 8 members of the holding, active in seat systems production for Fiat, Ford, Renault – Citroen, Toyota and Turkish Tobas.

       Company employs 6000 people, out of which 1500 in factories in Romania, Russia and Algeria. Their main activity is seat production for large number of models of above mentioned brands, as well as car interiors (except for interior upholstery).

       MARTUR intends to open a factory in Serbia, if FIAT starts producing new model in Kragujevac, since they are interested in cheap and good quality production. Their business policy is delivery of seats in 6 hours, to the factory where the final product in being assembled. Furthermore, they are interested in upholstery production and textile components, necessary for their factories in Russia (also in benefits arising from bilateral agreements between Russia and Serbia).  


Visit to Association Bosna-Sancak in Bursa

           During his business trip to Bursa (from 3rd to 5th of March), Mr. Markovic paid a visit to local association Bosna-Sancak, which gathers large number of expatriates from Serbia.

           They used this opportunity to affirm once again, tight relations between home country, learning mother tongue and preserving traditions, originating from our region. Mr. Markovic introduced present attendants to their rights regarding forthcoming Presidential elections. He explained procedures and deadlines, and referred them to web page of the Consulate General for more information and forms.

       Representatives of the community of expatriates from Serbia presented the problems they encounter regarding procedure of application for Serbian citizenship. Their criticism is mostly concerning length of procedure and inconsistent practice. Other questions were related to procedures.

        Most of the problems are coming from the lack of information, incomplete applications leading to additional complications in the process, and sometimes to falling into the hands of frauds in Serbia, who are clearly unauthorized persons.

          Consul General emphasized that the only fee required for citizenship application is set in the law, and no other payments shall be made, as well as that all files are sent to Serbia in timely manner, not leaving a single file behind. Expatriates are referred once again to the webpage of the Consulate General, where the list of approved citizenship requests can be found, which facilitates delivery of decisions with less delays.  


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